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Jensen 18' Pro Layup Jensen 18' Pro Layup
34 lbs
Jensen WWII ultralight bt Jensen WWII
Jensen's Whitewater II was designed in the late 1970's for down river racing. It...
$1,895.00 to
Sea clipper kevlar yellow bt Sea Clipper
The Sea Clipper was designed exclusively for Clipper Canoes by Eugene Jensen. Wi...
$1,895.00 to
Jensen 18 fiberglass white st Jensen 18
The 18' Jensen Stock is a great tripping canoe. A shallow arch hull makes it sta...
$1,795.00 to
Tripper fiberglass blue st Tripper
Versatile, fast, stable, and comfortable. The Tripper was first introduced in th...
$1,745.00 to
Prospector 17 fibergla sand st Prospector 17
The Prospector 17 has become the first choice of many experienced paddlers. It i...
$1,695.00 to
Tripper-S fiberglass blue st Tripper-S
For the past 20 years, the Tripper 17’6" has been Clipper's most popular model...
$1,695.00 to
Jensen 17 fiberglass blue st Jensen 17
The 17' Jensen Recreation is the lightest tandem Jensen cruising canoe. At 58 po...
$1,675.00 to
Prospector 16 fibergla blue st Prospector 16
The 16' Clipper Prospector is one of a series of traditional-style Prospector ca...
$1,495.00 to
Reflection 17 RX Alum. Sand Reflection 17 Royalex
The large capacity and long hull make this an ideal choice for multi-day trippin...
Prospector 14 fibergl white st Prospector 14
This solo 14', designed by James van Nostrand, is one of a series of traditional...
$1,250.00 to
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