Mirage Adventure Tandem Island - Demo


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*This is a demo model from 2017 - never used, brand new condition.*

Hobie MirageDrive Animation

The puff of wind hits and the Hobie Mirage Tandem Island’s leeward ama chisels into the water, its efficient, square-topped mainsail immediately translating increased wind speed into extra boat speed. The Tandem Island’s two-piece carbon-fiber rig minimizes weight aloft—thus stiffening the ride—and both cockpits are fitted with steerage and sail-handling controls, allowing sailors of all abilities to share the experience. Best yet, the Tandem Island is equipped with enough hatches and on-deck stowage for multi-day escapes. This is Hobie’s ultimate blue water hunter, capable of marlin-teasing trolling speeds.

Crew 1-2 Length 18' 6" 5.64 m Width 30" .76 m Beam w/ Amas Out 10' 3.05 m Beam w/ Amas Folded In 4' 1.22 m Capacity* 600 lbs 272 kg Fitted Hull Weight* 124 lbs 56.25 kg Fully Rigged Weight* 190 lbs 86.18 kg Height 15.5" 0.39 m Height 17" 0.43 m Mast Length 18' 5.49 m Sail Area 90 sq ft 8.4 m2

Hull Construction Rotomolded Polyethylene Standard Features All Lines and Hardware Plus Harken Blocks Deck-Mounted Crossbars Dual Rudder Deploy and Retract Controls in Front and Rear Cockpits Dual Steering Easily Retractable and Removable Amas Four Cup Holders Four Mesh Stowage Pockets Fully-Retractable, Kick-Up Centerboard Kick-Up Island Rudder Large Bow Hatch Lowrance Ready Patented Roller-Furling Sail with Battens Rear Cargo Area with Bungee® Tie-Downs Roller-Furling Main Sail Steering Controls in Front and Rear Cockpits Three 8” Twist and Seal Hatches Two 2-Piece paddles with On-Aka Storage Two MirageDrives Two Molded-In Rod Holders Two-Piece Carbon Fiber Mast Vantage CT Seating Colors Golden Papaya Red Hibiscus Ivory Dune