J Loader w/Bow & Stern Lines

Malone Auto Racks

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The J-Loader is the best choice for transporting a kayak wider than 30" on its side. The built-in boarding ramp allows the kayak to be loaded much easier than traditionally designed J-Cradles and the all steel frames can handle larger fishing and sit-on-top kayaks with ease.

All of the components are designed to be corrosion resistant for the longest possible life. This includes the steel tubular frame; all of the frame components; the fit hardware including the universal adapter and finally the coated buckles used with the load straps.

Prior to delivery, each carrier is carefully assembled, tested and inspected to ensure that it meets all required specifications. Coupled with our lifetime warranty, these carriers combine the best in design, strength and guaranteed satisfaction.

Furnished with all hardware, cam buckle load straps and bow & stern safety tie-downs for one kayak.

For extra thick bars, there are optional length attachment bolts available in the BUY SPARE PARTS section of the website.

Tubular steel frame for maximum transport strength
Three layers of corrosion resistant coating
Built-in boarding ramp for to simplfy loading & unloading
Full length rear padding for great boat protection
Universal fit hardware for round, square and factory oval load bars
Lifetime warranty


Capacity: For kayaks up to 34" wide and 75 LB
Dimensions: 20" (L) x 6" (W) x 16.5" (H)
Frame: Coated steel, Injection molded nylon
Weight: 13.7 LB (set of 2)

In The Box

(2) J-Style Cradles
(2) 12' Cam Buckle Load Straps
(2) Bow & Stern Safety Tie-Downs
(2) Jawz Universal Fit Mounting Blocks
(4) 60mm & 70mm Attachment Bolts
(4) T-Knobs
(1) Detailed Instructions