Double Block Motor Mount


SKU: 8023332


A serious motor mount for devoted motorized canoeists. Heavy duty anodized aluminum cross bar braces hardwood oak transom block. Secures via angle clamps to most gunwales and can be adapted to fit either side of canoe. Capable of supporting up to a 35 lb. thrust electric motor. Easily attached and detached for transport and storage.

Note: At this time we recommend electric trolling motors for canoes, gas motors are no longer available in the very small sizes and weights that are manageable in a canoe.

The addition of an outboard motor, whether electric or gas may exceed the buoyancy capability of a vessel originally intended as a human-powered craft. The flotation capacity of such a vessel is calculated normally on the number of paddlers and does not include additions such as motors. If you install a motor on a canoe or kayak, you must also increase the buoyancy capacity of that boat appropriately by adding additional foam or flotation bags to compensate for the additional weight of the motor, fuel and/or battery, etc.