Flat Knee Pads


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These 1/2" (1.25 cm) thick flat kneepads are extremely versatile. More than adequate for periodic kneeling, these long 24" (61 cm) and wide 8" (20 cm) pads are ideal for padding everything from kayak seats to roof racks and can be used to "flesh" out other outfitting components, tightening the fit of hip pads or adding a little more height to a pedestal. Camping/tripping paddlers prefer flat pads, as they are less obtrusive than 3D contoured or shaped kneepads and insulate against cold as well. Mondo-Bond Adhesive recommended, follow all instructions carefully. Sold in pairs. Size: 24" x 8" x 0.5" (61 cm x 20 cm x 1.75 cm) Extremely versatile Flat Knee Pads are suitable for all types of waters, providing comfort and non-slip security for paddlers. Work great to provide a comfortable resting place for paddling pooches as well. ? Durable closed cell foam resists compression ? 24" x 8" x .5" (61cm x 20 cm x 1.75cm) ? Can be trimmed for special fit or use ? Includes one pair ? Easily installed in Royalex(R) or Composite canoes