Grumman 17' Double End

Grumman Canoes

$1,749.00 $1,949.00
SKU: G1750C

Whether you're out tackling a rushing stream or a glass-calm lake, a first timer or professional outfitter, a Grumman versatile double-ender is the right choice. Its wide beam and low profile gives stability and reduced wind resistance. And the double-ender is available in various light and standard weight models, 13 to 18 feet. A 17 ft. heavy-duty version is built specifically for camps and outfitters. Choose standard or shallow draft keels built to meet the needs of flat water canoeists or whitewater challengers.


  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Length: 17'
  • Max Width: 36"
  • Max Capacity: 755 lbs
  • Primary Material: Aluminum