Kevlar Skid Plate Kit for Royalex


SKU: 8064300


Protect your canoe and increase its longevity with the Kevlar® Skid Plate Kit for Royalex Canoes. Applying a skid plate to the ends of your Royalex canoe increases its resistance to impact and abrasion. Our special pre-cut Kevlar® felts are thicker and longer than others to provide you with unsurpassed protection without hindering performance.

Our proprietary resin compounds provide an extremely secure bond between the Kevlar® Skid Plate and the vinyl skin of your Royalex canoe. Enjoy your canoe for years to come by protecting it with our Kevlar® Skid Plate Kit for Royalex canoes. Item #8023320

Kit includes:
•Resin A
•Resin B
•Sand Paper
•Sanding Box

Adds impact and abrasion protection to the end of a Royalex canoe. Our special pre-cut Kevlar™ felts are thick and longer than others, combined with our proprietary resin system gives a very secure bond to the vinyl skin of Royalex.