Mirage Outfitter - Demo


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Fun alone and even more fun with a friend, the Hobie Mirage Outfitter is the ideal all-day boat.

 Hobie MirageDrive Animation


The design brief was simple: create an easy-to-use, performance-minded, rotomolded polyethylene kayak that provides years of reliable service. Built-in drink holders and utility trays, dual helms and MirageDrives—plus a mast step for the optional Sail kit—give the Outfitter serious legs, and the boat’s wide beam, relative to its tidy length, delivers a stable, stowable and comfortable platform.

Crew: 1-2
Length: 12' 8" / 3.86 m
Width: 34" / .86 m
Capacity: 425 lbs / 193 kg *
Fitted Hull Weight: 86 lbs / 39.01 kg *
Fully Rigged Weight: 111.6 lbs / 50.62 kg *
Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene