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The Montreal is the largest "Voyageur-style" canoe we build. It will accommodate 18 paddlers and at least 5 non-paddlers. It tracks exceptionally well and at the same time, will outmaneuver most canoes in the 30'-34' range. As in all Clipper's Big Canoes, flotation is provided by a foam core, end tanks, and underseat flotation.

The 60" beam and shallow arch hull design provide superior seaworthiness and stability, while the 22" depth at centre provides freeboard to spare. The length of the Montreal can be customized from 34'–41' in length. The rocker can also be custom built to your specifications.

Montreal (34'): 9 Seats, 16 people Montreal X (37'-41'): 10 seats, 18 people. (The Montreal X is only available, and comes priced w/ the birch bark paint finish).

Large canoes are often referred to as WAR Canoes, particularly in articles written in the early 1900's. Today we often refer to them as 'Big Canoes' encompassing the many 22'+ styles and shapes paddled in North America today.

Length: 37'-41'
Beam: 60"
Bow Height: 44"
Stern Height: 44"
Center Height 22"
Max # of Paddlers: 18
Weight: 650 lbs