Pacific Dancer

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The Pacific Dancer resembles the appearance of the traditional canoes, but has a much more stable hull design. Traditional canoes carved from cedar logs had a much rounder hull than the shallow arch design of the Pacific Dancer. The Dancer’s long straight waterline aids tremendously in its tracking ability, yet it turns easily, with minimum effort. These attributes make the Pacific Dancer well suited for the wide range of conditions found on the West Coast.

While the look and feel of the wooden originals is hard to beat, our glass/kevlar hybrid has its advantages. The Pacific Dancer weighs less than a third of the weight of a dugout of this size. This not only makes the canoe nimble on the water, but much less effort when loading and unloading. The Dancer is constructed of hand layed fiberglass and reinforced in areas of high stress and wear.

This canoe features 9 seats, plus the elevated sterns-person’s perch, seating up to18 paddlers and the possibility of passengers and gear.

Other features include, foam core floor for added stiffness. Lots of positive flotation with foam flotation in the bow & stern tanks, and under each seat.

This canoe is virtually maintenance free, featuring low maintenance gunnels, allowing you maximum time for paddling and enjoying this fine craft.

Length: 36'
Beam: 58"
Min # of Paddlers: 8-10
Max # of Paddlers: 18
Weight: 550 lbs