Ram Mount


SKU: 72023007

RAM Fish Finder Compact Mount 1 is designed specifically to mount your compact fish finder to your kayak. Discover the convenience of a sturdy, well-designed mount that has full rotation and mobility. Durable injection molded nylon plastic provides an adjustable mounting position to keep your fish-finder in plain sight but out of the way. You’ll have the freedom to take the fight into the depths without having to worry about sending your fish-finder to the bottom. Ram Mounts include stainless steel mounting hardware and a backing plate to securely fasten the mount to your kayak.

Compatible with: LOWRANCE X4-Pro, X67C, M68C; HUMMINBIRD PIRANHA MAX 10, 15, 20; EAGLE CUDA 240I, 240, 168, 128, FISHEASY 320C, FISHEASY 240