Sea 1 (with rudder)

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An ideal wilderness sea-touring canoe/kayak hybrid. The Sea-1 can be paddled with either a canoe or kayak paddle. Features a large cockpit, 9.5' in length, which provides easy access to cargo. With a pronounce flare in the bow, the Sea-1 will rise and shed waves in even the most adverse of conditions.

The V-bottom hull design provides excellent tracking. The Sea-1 has built-in flotation in the bow and the stern. Other features include rudder (standard), molded plastic adjustable seat. A nylon spraydeck is available as an option.

This canoe was paddled by Joe O'Blenis from the coast of BC to the St. Lawrence River.

Length: 17' 9"
Beam: 28" 25 1/4" (@ 4"Waterline)
Bow Height: 12.5"
Stern Height: 10.5"
Center Height: 14.5"
WEIGHT: Kevlar 55lbs