Silent Traction System


SKU: 8023362

Experienced kayak anglers understand the advantages of remaining undetected. Silent Traction products make your kayak even more capable of sneaking up on your favorite fish by reducing the noise transmitted through the water caused by incidental contact with the hull by paddles, poles, pliers, and other fishing necessities. Simply place the self-adhering Silent Traction pads where there is potential for contact and put the odds in your favor. You can also easily cut to customize as needed.

The Silent Traction System includes a variety of pre-cut shapes and sizes that are simply to use. A great introduction package that gets you off and running with ease.

Contents Include:
Two 4" x 23" Gunwale Strips
Four 4" Oval Pads (with 1" perforated cut out in center)
Four 3" x 5" Rectangle Pads