Stowaway Cart


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The Harmony Stowaway Beach Cart stows conveniently in your boat. It uses smaller 8.75 in soft-pneumatic tires and a compact frame, making it easy to break down and stow handily in the hull of your boat. Soft tires accommodate soft sand and muddy trails well, a welcomed benefit if your route has a number of portages interspersed with lake and river. Features aluminum frame with kickstand for easy mounting. The Stowaway beach cart is designed to be mounted under the center of the boat it is carrying, and includes buckled straps to help secure the boat to the cart while rolling.

Compact frame for easy break-down and stowing in your boat
Foam padding on frame protects your boat
Accommodates any hull shape
Pneumatic tires travel over sand, loose gravel, and mud
Perfect if your routes requires portaging

Weight: 8.5
Capacity: 99 lbs
Material(s): Aluminum