SUP Bro Cover


$74.00 $147.99
SKU: SUP Bro Cover 10'

Danuu designed the Board Bro to be an easy to use, pull on board cover. Whether you use it on your SUP or long surfboards, the Board Bro is a quick cover you can pull on before tossing your board in the back or on top of the truck or even in the garage until your next go out. This cover is made of a durable denier that keeps the wax on your surfboard and your SUP deck pad in good condition. With velcro fin slit and elastic trim that is backed by a rope tie to pull tight, this board cover is the BEST! With 3 sizes to fit your boards, and a total center fabric widths of 48"-51", the Danuu Board Bro can fit many boards of different widths and depths.
- Pull the drawstring closure for a custom fit
- Use the cover on top or on bottom, it works either way
- Tappered nose for racing boards
- Rubber capped tip helps protect the board's pointy nose