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TRAK's T-1600 is the first folding kayak that keeps up with a hard-shell kayak in speed and performance ~ Canoe & Kayak magazine. Origin of Design The origin of the TRAK design dates back to the early skin-on-frame kayaks built by the northern indigenous peoples of Greenland and the Arctic. We have applied the same principles, with modern technology and best-in-class materials. Inspired by the Inuit kayak, the TRAK kayak is built for the demands and needs of modern day adventure paddling. The TRAK T-1600 has a Greenland-style hull design with hard chines and a slight V-hull for speed and tracking. The hard chine design allows for excellent edging and great secondary stability. This allows for advanced paddling techniques to be applied in a wide variety of conditions. What Makes it Different? This touring kayak model can be paddled on the ocean, flat water, or rivers. That level of versatility is possible due to its built-in Tri-Active Performance System (TPS). The TPS system consists of three self-contained hydraulic jacks (pistons) that drive pressure from the frame into the PolyTRAK shell (skin). This gives the rigidity necessary for performance, and allows the kayaker to change the shape of the hull to adapt to different conditions or paddling preferences. Learn more about the Technology. Through its membraned skin, you get the ability to 'feel' the water. (much like a you get a feel for the road in a sports car) It's this contact with that subtle energy that makes a world of difference in how it makes you feel and how you can work with it to achieve performance and handling. Why Does it Matter? Sea kayak? Check. Lake kayak? Check. River kayak? Check. Touring kayak? Check. Travel kayak? Check. We could go on. The TRAK T-1600 is being touted as the most versatile kayak on the planet. (any part of the planet you choose to paddle) There are many many specialty kayak designs in one due to its shape-shifting characteristics and ability to handle a wide array of conditions. It's an 'all-terrain' kayak. What that means to you is that you can be confident and excited to have your T-1600 kayak with you, near any body of water you encounter. You can go kayaking on a whim, or you can plan a multi-day journey. Take 10 minutes to assemble it, put in, and enjoy! Kayak Weight: 48 lbs 21.77 kg
Length: 16 ft 4.88 m
Beam Width: 22.50 in 57.15 cm
Custom pocketed TRAK spray skirt: Included
Pack Size: 52x17x15in 132.08x43.18x38.10 cm
Cockpit Size: 16.5 x31.75 in41.91x80.65 cm
Assembly Time: 10 minutes or less
Number of Parts: 8 Payload: 292 lbs 189 litres
Storage Capacity: Medium volume
Water Types: Flat water, ocean, and river (adaptable)
Paddler Level: Beginner to Expert